Disabled Youth Working Together

Next to Lead is a group of 25 young adults in Niagara that have a passion for community, access, and social justice.  Since the program the fall of 2016, these young adults have participated in intensive training sessions about leadership and disability justice, received mentorship from influential leaders of the disability community, and built community with a group of like-minded peers. Currently, participants are applying their learning and skills to tackle a community issue of their choosing.



What We Offer...



Three foundational full-day workshops to advance skills and understanding related to disability history, arts and culture, leadership, and mobilization.  



Assistance, support and guidance provided throughout the program by established leaders in the disability community locally and from the GTA.



Community building together as a group in person and online.  Connection to the disability community at large achieved by attending  public forums and conferences.



Community-based projects allow participants to identify and address an issue.  Issues chosen relate to awareness, accessibility, and income support.

What We're Working On...



By launching a social media campaign with the hashtag #dontassume, this group is focused challenging societal perspectives and assumptions of individuals with visible and invisible disability.



This group is utilizing public forums to discuss what constitutes accessibility and how ableism is manifested in systems and structures.  Improving access begins with understanding what access truly means.


Income Support Systems

What is life like as a young disabled person on Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)?  How can ODSP be improved?  This group discusses these questions and more in their upcoming video.